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The Commentaries of
Bruce Rule

Bruce Rule
August 2013


IUSS Breast
Insignia Guidelines

The Navy’s Best-Kept
Secret: Is IUSS Becoming
A Lost Art?

CDR Dawn M. Maskell
12 APR 2001

Scorpion Down
Rebuttal Article

Navy Times Article
12 November 2007

Scorpion Down

U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings
November 2007

50th Anniversary
Dinner Speech

Mr Ernie Castillo
18 September 2004

50th Anniversary
Dinner Speech

CAPT Bob McWethy
18 September 2004

50th Anniversary
Dinner Speech

CAPT John Parrish
18 September 2004

50th Anniversary
Dinner Speech

LT Randy Scott
18 September 2004

Ocean Systems
Technician (OT) Rating;
establishment of

10 March 1970

Selection To
The Ocean Systems
Technician Rating

17 August 1970

Save The
Enemy Subs

Rich Lowry
The Washington Times
© November 14, 2002

A Story Of Two Flags
A Lesson Learned

Dan McMillin

Navy Command Stays
In The Family

Melissa Wood
The Virginian-Pilot
© August 10, 2001


Ben Soffa
© Ben Soffa 1998-2002